Singularity or Bust: the film

In 2009, film-maker and former AI programmer Raj Dye spent his summer following futurist AI researchers Ben Goertzel and Hugo DeGaris around Hong Kong and Xiamen, documenting their doings and gathering their perspectives. The result, after some work by crack film editor Alex MacKenzie, was the 45 minute documentary Singularity or Bust — a uniquely edgy, experimental Singularitarian road movie, featuring perhaps the most philosophical three-foot-tall humanoid robot ever, a glance at the fast-growing Chinese research scene in the late aughts, and even a bit of a real-life love story. The film was screened in theaters around the world, and won the Best Documentary award at the 2013 LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood and the LA Lift Off Festival. And now it is online, free of charge, for your delectation.

Singularity or Bust is a true story pertaining to events occurring in the year 2009. It captures a fascinating slice of reality, but bear in mind that things move fast these days. For more recent updates on Goertzel and DeGaris’s quest for transhuman AI, you’ll have to consult the Internet, or your imagination.

4 thoughts on “Singularity or Bust: the film

  1. A wise, though pessimistic doubter will be even wiser to zip a lip; or be remembered like the idiot who said, “If God wanted man to fly he would have given him wings”.
    One thing is certain, such pessimism isn’t remembered at all by History. Ben, very likely will be. Great documentary! Another thing is absolutely certain. The Singularity WILL arrive. It isn’t a question of “IF’, it’s more a question of “WHEN”.

  2. Hi, has anoyone done studies on crossing “enlightenment” or “3rd eye” experiences with the Singularity and possibility that we live in a hologram? If we sum existence to a 2d fabric of data and suppose this fabric is the meeting point of the dark/hologram that we live in and the light that is seen through the 3rd eye, it becomes easier to understand that the Singularity is the point where we see and understand the fabric we exist upon. I feel understanding this possibility allows us to understand how the light side shines on the 2d fabric emitting the data as a hologram on the dark side (the universe). With this, evolution becomes the process of the 2d fabric learning about itself through the use of the hologram (life first-then eyes-then intelligence) at an exponential rate. I see the Singularity as the moment we are able to dissipate the hologram and exist on the 2d plane or even leave it and enter the light side

    I believe the Singularity is the moment technology provides us with an on/off switch to open our 3rd eye and view the 4th dimension from the 2d plane, and maybe even leave it. I see Google’s Glasses and Augmented Reality as the next logical step in dissipating our current reality, then a contact lens, then direct connection with the brain. This could happen much quicker than a nano, bio or robotic revolution. I see it as a logical and enlightened solution to the coming Singularity.

    With that said, there is the possibility there will be no nano, bio or robotic revolution as we will experience the Singularity before then. Google’s project glass and the amount of real time data that will be exchanged could propel the exponential growth of big data. If everyone around us is wearing glasses that see, hear and record everything; accountability for our actions is brought to the forefront immediately. There may be no need for a God if we’ll all have self-judgement and enlightenment through information/data. And if we all are enlightened and shown existence on a 2d fabric, just maybe “matter” in this universe will become inconsequential to the bigger picture. Everything I have learned about the future tells me the Singularity will be a positive event. i am trying to create software that will help in the merger of a positive Singularity with our current reality.

  3. 1 question and 1 comment:

    Q1: If computers are digital and human minds are analog, is expecting them to somehow meld akin to eating a really good photo of a hamburger and hoping for nutrition?

    C1: I saw footage of the DLama being told the joke where the guy orders a pizza from the DL asking to make him one with everything and the lama just didn’t get it. I think he is a really nice guy but come on. If he didn’t get that joke, man, i just don’t think hes really tuned in to the big singularity scene full stop.

    Sorry this is negative sounding. I dig future stuff to the max and i didnt have any friends. Susie Fleming said “Nobody likes you” but then i got Mr. Josbeno for science and wham…now nobody still doesnt like me but I think the most wacky thoughts. So in my incredbily intelligent oopiinion we should focus on understanding more physics as in dark matter, string theory and also try acting more like enlightened smart monkeys in the hope that we might get inducted into some sort of extragalactic remedial reeducation program aimed at preventing promising young primitives from blowing their selves up. But machines are still just machines and automatons will not become sentient no matter how good they get at mixing martinis or walking the dog. Now an analog computer, perhaps organic…perhaps a living matter hybrid human thing…now youre talking. Lets get real.

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